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The Problem With Harley 


As any crappy Harley Davidson shirt will tell you, the humble company was established in 1903. Out of a shitty 15x10 shed in the middle of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the northern United States, where these bikes continue to be produced. Any die-hard Harley Davidson will defend their obnoxiously loud V-twin that sounds like it is having a hard time staying on due to bad ignition timing.  At any motorcycle meet-up, an older man standing beside their thirty thousand plus Harley will tell you, “Been riding since 1979, all kinds of bikes. Finally got a Harley five years ago; nothing else puts a big smile on my face like every time I ride it...”. And this is exactly the pressing issue that this ancient company has. Their followship was born not much after than when the company stopped making bikes without flat-head motors back in 1973. Continue reading...

Stroming Along


August 18, 2018 

By: John Lewis  

Everyone has a different reason for riding a motorcycle. For some their bike seems more like a fashion accessory, for others, a statement of what clan they belong to—often brand dependent: think Harley. When you ride a Suzuki V-Strom, especially the 650, you’re not making much of a statement. 

 What a V-Strom is really great at is Strommin’ along. That’s what I like to do with mine—climb on and ride and ride and ride.  Continue Reading...

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