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How Ethanol Is Killing your Motorcycle

How Ethanol Is Killing your Motorcycle

Nowadays, every gas station has opted-in to including ethanol in their gasoline as a supplement. Ethanol is an alcohol that is derived from plants (corn).  This modern fuel is cheap and renewable, but it is also killing your motorcycle engine. There are several reasons why you should opt out of using fuels that contain ethanol. Here are a few:


  1. Ethanol is an alcohol which burns way hotter than your regular petroleum-based gasoline.  This causes engines to overheat, and the rubbers inside your fuel system, carburetor and engine to dry out and crack.  

  2. Ethanol is a water magnet.  If you were to store your bike with an ethanol mixture in the tank, the bottom of your tank would become pure water. When you go to turn on your bike in the spring, your bike will siphon all the water into the engine.  We all know what water does to engines! 

  3. Ethanol will also create huge issues with the materials that your carburetor is made out of. Are you ready for corrosion and blockage in your carb? I hope not.

  4. Ethanol evaporates differently. As a result, your bike will have to have modified tuning if you opt to use ethanol in your engine. 


Finally, the best gasoline that we have found in Ontario is Shell premium grade gasoline (91 octane), as they claim it contains no ethanol.  You can really hear the engine running differently when you use this gas versus fuels from other stations. 

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