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Motorcycle Spring/Fall Tune Up 

Comprehensive Maintenance 

 Tune-Up Service Details:

- Change oil (up to 3 quarts); some motorcycles may require additional oil at an extra cost

- Replace the oil filter (K&N or HiFLoFiltro)

- Replace Spark Plugs With NGK Iridium (Where available, some bikes may be extra)

- Replace or service air filter (some models may require a filter upgrade fee)

- Clean points (if applicable)

- Set idle speed

- Adjust clutch

- Adjust throttle cables to ensure smooth operation and proper throttle response

- Adjust drum brakes (if applicable)

- Adjust primary drive (if applicable)

- Lubricate and adjust the drive chain/belt (if applicable)

- Change shaft drive oil (if applicable)

- Set tire pressures to recommended levels for improved safety and performance

- Inspect all lighting and safety equipment - Check brake pads for wear and effectiveness

- Check tire condition for proper tread depth and inflation

- Check kickstand safety and starter safety switches for reliable operation

- Inspect front forks/fork seals for leaks or damage


Please note that any additional costs associated with the services are not included in the base package and will be discussed with you before any work is performed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Fall Tune-Up service or any other motorcycle-related needs, please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at 647-424-1088

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