Toronto Motorcycle Winter Storage 


If you choose to store your motorcycle during seasons of extreme weather we have everything you need to keep your bike performing at the high standard you would expect. the controlled atmosphere and battery tenders are essential to guarantee your vehicle remains in top condition. Protecting the paintwork and electrical components is why we have developed a range of storage maintenance schedule, along with the highest quality winter servicing to keep your motorcycle performing as it should. 

Got Stuck in a Storm?

We get it, life is short and riding season is even shorter. Whether you get stuck in a storm, or it's too cold to get the bike to us we will send our specialized motorcycle tow provider professionally and safely get your bike to us. 


Our technicians ensure that all critical engine filters and perishable items are replaced at the right schedules and, always with the highest quality parts. They will also organize regular fluid inspections and changes to help ensure the bike is kept properly lubed at all times, in all critical areas.

As the cool air starts setting in on the ride to and from work, it becomes difficult not to start thinking about winter. How many more rides are left? Better yet, what needs to be done to winterize my motorcycle properly? There are several schools of thought when it comes to procedures, tips and tricks. Everyone has their own motorcycle winterizing rituals, and so do we:


​Fuel stabilizer

Maintain a heated controlled environment

Synthetic oil &  filter change ( extra $100 with storage)

Trickle charge battery with a smart charger 

Printed Pre-Storage battery report 

Full inspection with a written report 

Bike pick up ($95 up to 15km)

Read Song of the Sausage Creature to your bike out loud

We are your premium motorcycle storage facility. There is no better place to store your motorcycle through the winter months. 

Storage FAQ

Does the $100 Booking fee go towards my final amount?

Yes, the $100 booking fee goes towards your final amount.

Do you pull the battery or can I just leave my battery tender and hook it up? 
Leave your battery in and provide your tender and we will hook it up for you. Alternatively, we provide battery tendering with our smart battery tenders. We encourage that your bike has a quick connect for charging, ask us about installing one. 


What kind of insurance have you got?
Full commercial policy including liability 

When is the last day that the bike can be dropped off? 
There is currently no last day or first day in the spring. We will not pro-rate the storage fee. We are offering  November 1- April 1. If you want to drop off late or pick up early that is fine for this year.

When is the first day it can be picked up next spring? 
What is the last day for pick up?
We are operating pick up service throughout the fall and winter

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