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Our Services 

All our services are plus HST. The $5 booking fee goes towards maintaining our apiary 🐝🐝. For more information please click here. Once your mobile motorcycle appointment is set we will call you to confirm.  We are here to provide the best experience possible.  For suggestions please email us at

  • What bikes do you work on?
    We work on all makes and models, provided that we are able to find the correct parts for them.
  • Do I have to donate to your apiary?
    To further our commitment to the environment, OTOMOTO Toronto Moto has recently acquired an apiary in the heart of our city, with several bee colonies. The number of bees and other pollinators has decreased over the last decades, and we are doing our part in helping the pollinator community stay plentiful and healthy! We charge a $5 booking fee that goes toward maintaining our apiary, and is separate from your service fee.
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