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Beginner Motorcycles

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With the traffic and parking issues that exist in large metropolises and the extremely high cost of gas, many have opted in to change the car for a motorcycle.  There is now a great deal of motorcycle options available for every skill level.  Buying the right one could be a fun and functional way to transport yourself.   Selecting the right one could be the difference between years of safe fun, wasting your hard-earned bucks on something you’ll rarely use or worse...


It bewilders me how many people decide to go and buy something like a Yamaha FZ-07 as their first bike. They do this with the mindset that they are careful, motorcycle accidents happen to others and they don’t want to get border by buying a beginner bike. This inline twin has a unique linear torque curve, giving the rider a smooth feel with the throttle response. Equipped with double front brakes and a compact wheelbase, this bike is very friendly. With a comfortable and sporty driving position, the FZ-07 is a versatile bike for the city, as well as longer journeys. but, is not a beginner bike what so ever, this would be a great bike for a more seasoned rider.  What is the perfect beginner bike?


Let’s take a look at the following suggestions, you ultimately will have to decide what your budget, functionality and life style you require from your motorcycle.


 If your idea of relaxation is more to take a torturous twisty road with an agile motorcycle, the smaller of the Kawasaki is ideal. Most youngsters will probably want to look at something like a Kawasaki Ninja 300 or the like Stylish, excellent engine performance combined with weight and weight at the limit for riders with little experience.  You will also impress your non- motorcycle friends, as this bike looks like it’s moving 100km/hr. while standing still.  This motorcycle however, is not agronomical what so ever, lacks torque and has no real passenger seat.



Yamaha's V Star 250 is undoubtedly one of the best miniature cruiser bikes. though the smallest of the Star family does not lack a detail that to envy to its older sisters. The low height of its seat makes it ideal for the less experienced by offering great confidence in its handling. Its V-Twin engine of 249 cc gives a degree of exclusivity without that its price will shoot in excess with a Harley or another design cruiser. The seat is comfortable, the engine is loud and the look is badass, for the size.


If you have a little bit more money to spend on a motorcycle, BMW F700GS Is the most accessible two-cylinder trail of all BMW GS. It equips a twin-cylinder engine in parallel 798 cc and 75 ponies of power. A compact but comfortable bike for its relaxed position at the controls, agile in the city and fun on the road. The seat is at 820 mm Height, but can be lowered to the 765 mm Its weight is 209 Kg. The great thing about this bike is that it’s one that you will not have to graduate from. The bike does have a potent engine, but comes equipped with traction control, Abs breaks and several other safety features. The down side to this bike is the massive price tag that comes with it.

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