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Shark Raw Helmet 


Picked May 3, 2016

Shark Raw Helmet $299 USD


It is every child’s dream at one point or another to be a fighter pilot. With this helmet, you will feel like you are driving a fighter jet as you zoom down your local highway wearing this raw helmet. The helmet, is a raw style helmet that is rated as an open face helmet. You will look amazing and will scare a few people along the way with the aggressive looks. The only reported down fall is the hard to re-install side disks that are used to keep the googles clipped on.



Double anti-fog / anti-scratch visor developed by Carl Zeiss, world leader in optical quality

2 shell sizes shaped specifically to hug the contour of the skull

Interior bamboo treatment for triple effectiveness: antibacterial, anti-sweating and hypoallergenic

Available XS (53/54 cm), S (55/56 cm), M (57/58 cm), L (59/60 cm), XL (61/62 cm)


Check It out at:

Shark Raw Helmet
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