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Icon Pursuit Classic Gloves

Icon Pursuit Classic Gloves

Excluding GST/HST

The best-fitting glove on the market is back with upgraded materials and industry-leading construction techniques. The Pursuit Classic™ is your riding glove of choice. The Battlehide™ goatskin chassis and pre-curved fingers instantly conform to your hand, providing superior comfort. The integrated plastic knuckle plate offers additional coverage from asphalt encounters. The TPR wrist closure keeps the glove secure and in place, right where you want it. They call them classics for a reason, put on the Pursuit™ and you'll see why.



We use abrasion resistant premium grade Battlehide™ integrated with a Thermoplastic knuckle for both comfort and coverage.



Expansion gussets are added to disperse stress in key areas and provides freedom of finger movement, improving fit and flexibility.


Battlehide™ Palm

We use abrasion resistant premium grade Battlehide™ goatskin because it is lighter than cowhide and is quite supple, yet extremely durable; perfect for hi-velocity engagements.



  • Material: Battlehide™ Goatskin Construction
  • Integrated Plastic Knuckle Plate, TPR Wrist Closure, Pre-Curved Fingers, Metal Badging
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