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General motorcycle talk... anything goes, so long as it's motorcycle related

Mar 6, 2017

How Ethanol Is Killing your Motorcycle ​ Nowadays, every gas station has opted-in to including ethanol in their gasoline as a supplement. Ethanol is an alcohol that is derived from plants (corn). Thi
Mar 3, 2017

Governments such as ours here in Canada are constantly investing in massive public transit infrastructure; they are so invested in this particular cause, that they spend further money in attempting to
Oct 15

Hi, I have decided to get a Honda CB360 for my first bike and since its an old bike I was wondering how much it will cost me to buy a restored one and fully functional or how much if its not fully res
Mar 2, 2017

Toronto and the GTA have lots of attractions and things to do on a weekend, in fact it seems like there is something to do on any given day. However, you have just tuned your motorcycle and you are re


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