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Boot Camp Retreats Toronto

This is an intense boot camp retreat that will improve your physical abilities, agility, mental strength and will power. The retreat takes place in an undisclosed location that we will shuttle you to.  Cellphones and other electronic devices are not permitted through the weekend 


What’s Included:

Safety and Orientation 

Transportation to and from an undisclosed location (4 Hrs Away - Toronto Pickup and Drop Off) 

3 Shirts and a hoodie 

2 nights tent accommodation                   

All breakfast, lunch & dinner, and Sunday brunch    

1 Guided Hike    

1 Nutrition / Wellness Workshops    

1 Logger Master Training and Workout (Axes and chainsaws will be used) 

1 Modified Firefighter CPAT (Axes, chainsaws and other sharp objects will be used) 

1 Night Military recognizance training and scenario

A weekend full of activities and workouts. Prepare to be tired. 



Upcoming Dates 

May 24 Weekend

Canada Day Weekend ​

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