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TecMate Ignitionmate - TS-91

TecMate Ignitionmate - TS-91

SKU: 237662
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IgnitionMate offers the enthusiast with basic knowledge or the professional a quick and easy way to troubleshoot ignition problems and improve engine performance on any type of ignition system.

The unique SPARK current scale displays the magnitude of the visible 'spark' between spark plug electrodes. A missed or abnormal pulse is immediately displayed, allowing quick diagnosis of a misfi re such as non delivery of fuel or low/no ignition. The peak voltage scales measure high and low 'fast' peak voltage signals required to generate spark current.


  • Ignition problems easily spotted
  • Fine tuning and performance at your fingertips
  • Instinctive to use with basic system knowledge
  • Can be used on any type of ignition system
  • 2 IgnitionMate models available, covering 2 distinct needs:
  • 2 IgnitionMate models available, covering 2 distinct needs:
    • IgnitionMate for troubleshooting: Dual display allows comparison of two different parameters on the same cylinder, such as primary (VPK) & secondary (kV) ignition coil voltage, SPARK current & ignition voltage. Low voltage DC signals can also be measured e.g. fuel injection pulses.
    • IgnitionMate Duo for comparison of the same signal on two cylinders: Simple comparitive trouble shooting of the same signal on different cylinders, even different engines. Fine tuning, balancing of ignition pulses for maximum engine performance on multi cylinder engines.
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