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Bel-Ray Assembly Lube

Bel-Ray Assembly Lube

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Bel-Ray Assembly Lube is a high Molylube® Solids content assembly lubricant. Molylube Solids provide a very low friction film on sliding surfaces such as threads of nuts and bolts. Bel-Ray Assembly Lube prevents galling and seizing of fasteners and press-fit or slip-fit components. Even under high stress loads, break-out torques are low with Bel-Ray Assembly Lube.

Bel-Ray Assembly Lube is a high performance assembly lubricant with Molylube Solids. It will prevent galling and seizing under extreme loads and will allow for easier removal of fasteners and fittings. It provides superior corrosion protection and is unaffected by most acids and alkalis. It leaves a coating impervious to moisture for long lasting protection.


  • For assembly lubrication of fasteners, splines, couplings, ways, press-fit components and many other highly loaded mechanical assemblies
  • For long lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact that can lead to galling and seizing when subjected to high loads
  • For easy removal or disassembly of components after periods of use

Features and Benefits:

  • Low break-out torques - Molylube Solids provide exceptionally low friction to mating surfaces. Prevents metal-to-metal contact under Extreme Pressure conditions eliminating galling and seizing.
  • Superior lubrication - The high film strength of Bel-Ray's unique anti-wear additives and functionality at a wide range of temperatures, -18°C to 399°C (0°F to 750°F), provides enhanced lubrication, allowing for easy removal or disassembly of components after use.
  • Corrosion protection - Impervious to moisture and inert to most acids and alkalis. Protects from corrosion for longer component life.
  • Product No. 99030
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