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 Motorcycle Sales, Leases and Rentals Toronto

There is no point in buying a beginner motorcycle to ride it for a little and then go through the hassle of selling it in order to upgrade. We offer our Moto Connect; ride a beginner bike for a monthly fee, when you get bored of it, we will take it back!  The bikes are month to month, you can ride it for as long or as little as you want.  We take care of the Maintenance and the oil changes.  We have limited quantities, please call to book your test ride! 


Our scooter fleet is one that will have you moving faster than the speed of the TTC or most cars in downtown traffic.


Grab one of our well maintained fully functional motorcycles from our vintage fleet and impress all your friends!  


CBR125R, Ninja 200 or the like, this bike will get you the experience that you need while looking stylish in one of our beginner Sports bikes.

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* Registration fee of $195 paid at the beginning of the lease

** Registration fee of $260 paid at the beginning of the lease

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