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Motorcycle Oil & Filter Change Service 

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Engine Oil Change: Every 5,000 kilometres.

Practical information on lubricant change, types, grading, oil and filter replacement benefits, links to relevant pages on this site, and others with supplementary information, related images, and a demo video.


Oil over time loses its lubricant properties and stops protecting your engine from friction. Friction creates heat and wears out your engine.  In addition to lubricating the moving parts of the engine, the oil is also designed to carry debris away from the pistons and cylinders.

The oil is also designed to remove small accumulations of water that forms when the engine heats up and cools down, it also collects dirt and dust entering the engine through the air intake system.


Motor oil reduces the acids that form when water interacts with contaminants. Fuel or coolant leaks sometimes enter the lubrication system. As you use your motorcycle, the level of engine oil contamination increases.



The oil filter removes the particles when the oil passes through it, but over time the oil additives are consumed and the lubricant begins to degrade. Due to the degradation, it cannot perform the way it’s designed to and it must be replaced. Now that you know the reasons why you should change the engine oil of your two-wheeler, read below the explanation of how to do this crucial task.


Before starting the oil change start the engine to warm it up for a few minutes as it facilitates the drainage of the old oil, remember to turn off the engine after 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. Ensure that you give it enough time to heat up. Remember of ventilation whenever you are running your motorcycle as it produces toxic gases.


At the bottom of the engine of the motorcycle is the oil drain plug. To open the plug, it is necessary to use either a socket or a wrench, depending on the location and angle of the plug. First place a bowl under the screw cap to collect the old engine oil to be replaced, then open Allow the oil to completely drain.  Finally, close the plug and put the new engine oil through the top of the engine.

let us chanage your motorcycle oil   while you wait.

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