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Mar 4, 2017

General Preventative Maintenance Motorcycle


Edited: Mar 4, 2017

The most important maintenance tasks, tips to keep your bike in a safe condition, and tips to extend the life of your two-wheeler. We have copulated preventive maintenance tasks taking into account time and the use of the motorcycle. preventive care consists of periodic inspections, adjustments, cleaning, and replacements, in order to keep the motorcycle or scooter safe working order. After speaking to industry experts, hobbiest and manufacturers, we have pulled together a series of lists of the most common maintenance tasks, with the recommendations on the appropriate time to do them; taking into account the period of time or kilometers traveled. Having said that please ensure to always check with your owner’s manual.


General maintenance


Simpler tasks that are done often in order to keep and maintain both the operational functions and aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle.


  • General cleaning of the motorcycle or scooter: once a week;

  • Check for fuel / oil leaks: inspect at least once a week;

  • Adjusting screws and nuts: once a week;

  • Lubrication and lubrication of the motorcycle: monthly;

  • Cleaning of seats: weekly.

Lights and electricity

  • Electrical system: weekly inspection;

  • Motorcycle lights: replacement of light bulbs every 2 years or 50,000 kilometers;

  • Battery Replacement: every 4 years.


  • Preventive maintenance of chain and drive belt.

  • Lubrication and cleaning of the chain of transmission: every 2 to 3 months;

  • Chain tension: checking at 500 kilometers;

  • Strap tension: inspection every 500 kilometers;



Crucial Components

  • Replacement of spark plugs: every 12,000 kilometers;

  • Engine oil change: every 5,000 kilometers;

  • Replacement of the oil filter: at 12,000 kilometers;

  • Engine intake air filter: cleaning at 6,000 km and replacement every 12,000 km;

  • Valve Adjustment: every 3,000 kilometers.

  • Coolant Radiator: flush once a year;

  • Engine oil coolant: Annual cleaning and flush.


  • Care of wheels, tires, tires, brakes.

  • Inflating the tires: as soon as they have lost 10% of the air pressure;

  • Tire Replacement: When they are 5 years old;

  • Brake Replacement: Brake pads should be changed every 4,000 kilometers;

  • In the case of drum breaks the front ones are replaced every 4,000 km and the rear ones after completing 5,000 km;

  • Brake fluid change: every year.

New Posts
  • Cleaning and caring for leather seats on your motorcycle is a very important maintenance task. Since the leather is porous, dust, dirt and other debris from the road get stuck in it and run our beautiful seats. In fact, it is very likely that the dirt will seep into the leather without you noticing until the seat begins to dry and crack, this totally ruins the appearance of the seats and your motorcycle as a whole. Replacing these seats can be a very costly task. It is imperative to keep up with the cleaning of your seat. To clean the seats, you must follow the instructions of the leather cleaner. Some need to be mixed with water, while others are ready to use. You can also opt for something more traditional like a sponge, water, and soap. Apply the soapy product or solution and wipe with a clean lint-free cloth. Wipe and rub in circular motions making a little extra effort for stained areas. Ensure to remove any cleaner so that your seat does not stain. Use a dry cloth to dry the excess cleanser or water and soap so that it does not dry in the seat creating blotches. Let the seats dry naturally, do not use a heater to speed up the drying process as this may damage the appearance. Once the seat is dry, start with the leather conditioning process. Water and soap are excellent for cleaning the leather, however, also tend to dry out ruining the leather. Therefore, after a good cleaning it is important to apply a thin, even layer of conditioner to keep the leather soft and look like new. Of course, remember that the conditioner should dry naturally and avoid exposing the leather to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.


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