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Mar 3, 2017



In 2013 BMW turned 90 years of history in the manufacturing of motorcycles, to celebrate, the brand decided not to make a special version of one of its existing models, but a completely new bike! One that is able to convey the essence of motorcycling before but, with technology and benefits of modern bikes.the Nine T was introduced as one of the most beautiful in the current market, made in tribute to 90-year history of the Bavarian brand. ESTHETIC BMW has been one of the few brands able to produced different bikes, ones that do not follow standards set by the market but dares strange and unusual ways that end up becoming a reference as with their bikes traits of asymmetrical look. The Nine T perfectly conveys the essence of motorcycling as BMW, making classic rounded shapes in a minimalist and modern design where no similarities with other bikes on the market. It is basic motorcycling, a chassis, tank and two wheels, the essential but properly designed to achieve a bike worthy of being in an art gallery.The starting model was undoubtedly the R1200R from which it inherits the engine, drive shaft and brakes. Everything else is new, starting with the tubular chassis for mounting the front fork, seat, tank, lighthouse, forged triple clamps, double side exhaust and spoked wheels. The Nine T looks forward and lightly muscled back, the boxer engine stands on both sides without any protection and the seat has the ability to convert a single-seater removing part of the sub frame and integrating a breadstick available as an accessory. The BMW Nine T is a neoclassical design for those seeking more benefits or modern lines, a bike with personality, capable of generating great emotions.The propeller R1200X Nine T is the Boxer 1170 cc air-cooled oil, proven reliability that produces 110 hp at 7750 rpm. Nine T in raw acceleration on the top speed, so the relationship has been modified compared to the R1200R, leaving identical to R1200GS. On the Move The BMW R1200X Nine T is a bike that should be in an exhibition room as a decorative element. Not because it is not capable of conveying great feelings, however, because although the German brand has accustomed us to very powerful, metered and safe bikes, the Nine T is different. Mounts the same engine but does not carry the R1200R traction control, power maps, stability control or any other technology helps to limit benefits or facilitates driving in addition to the standard ABS. Therefore, the 110 hp two-cylinder are ready to leave when opening the throttle, ready to take orders from its pilot. Start giving feels the opposite movement of the cylinders and the characteristic purr boxer engine with two side exhaust is accentuated sounds. the operation of the box in the Nine T the usual "clack" sound virtually the first speed when operating highlights. The acceleration is brutal, and shifting gears are felt through the movement in the rear axle which makes it clear that we are on a motorcycle that likes to play seriously. The driving position inspired by the bikes of the decades of the 60s and 70s style Cafe Racer, is comfortable, not for long trips or days duets so that bending of the legs and tilting the torso forward, that accuse a high fatigue after long hours, for the use of the Nine T is correct. The brake system comprised of two discs 320 mm forward and one back 265mm, safely stop assembly supported Motorrad ABS system. They are metered, good touch and excellent mordant.The BMW R1200X Nine T is pure motorcycling, a powerful engine in a lightweight package, which ensures the best emotions on board for anyone who enjoys being in control.

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  • Picked May 3, 2016 Shark Raw Helmet $299 USD It is every child’s dream at one point or another to be a fighter pilot. With this helmet, you will feel like you are driving a fighter jet as you zoom down your local highway wearing this raw helmet. The helmet, is a raw style helmet that is rated as an open face helmet. You will look amazing and will scare a few people along the way with the aggressive looks. The only reported down fall is the hard to re-install side disks that are used to keep the googles clipped on. Features:Double anti-fog / anti-scratch visor developed by Carl Zeiss, world leader in optical quality2 shell sizes shaped specifically to hug the contour of the skullInterior bamboo treatment for triple effectiveness: antibacterial, anti-sweating and hypoallergenicAvailable XS (53/54 cm), S (55/56 cm), M (57/58 cm), L (59/60 cm), XL (61/62 cm) Check It out at:
  • If symptoms of demonic possession were confined to a ridiculous power and an intimidating appearance, I daresay that the Ducati Diavel is possessed, and it transmits it to anyone who gets on it. And I think that Ducati knows, as it has been baptized in honor of the fallen angel as it is told in the scriptures. Like all motorcycles badged by Ducati, the Diavel has a great personality, is a different bike to everything in the market, without counterparts in a segment which, like the one created by Ducati with the Monster; in this case it’s the sport cruiser. ESTHETICImpeccable, intimidating and powerful, a series of attributes of the Borgo Panigale brand. A bike that combines various styles and makes it difficult to fit into a segment, it has Dragster, Muscle Bike and Custom with a sporty engine. All finishes are first class and excellent workmanship, especially the Carbon version we had on test, with details in this material in the panels of the fuel tank, seat cover and front mudguard with Marchesini wheels forged achieves a reduction which weighs only 250KG. the digital instrument has just the right amount of information and access to different power modes, traction control and ABS intervention, that can be customized to suit the user. At the top of the tank is the gear position indicator, fuel level, the onboard computer and selected power mode.The optical group LED technology provides excellent illumination in blue tone very clear, which makes night into day; guaranteeing to see the road clearly. Behind the stop of two lines on the sides of the bottom of the tail along the single-arm anchor plate holder complement the radical aesthetics of the Diavel. MOTOR The Diavel mounts the Testatretta 11 ° 1198.4 cc that produces 162 hp at 9500 rpm and a maximum engine 130.5 Nm at 8000 rpm torque. diabolic figures for a bike with only 205 kg. This engine we tested recently in the Monster 1200 S where we find impressive performance, generating us some curious to know how it would behave in a motorcycle so different. ON THE GO The Diavel was the bike Ducati had not passed through our hands, so we set out to get to know the diabolical creation of the brand, yes, if not before making a few prayers and sprinkled with holy water to not be possessed by the evil spirit. The interface is similar to that of other bikes of the brand, starting with proximity key and a dashboard with so many possibilities to do a course to understand it and learn to use in the optimum manner. On the Diavel you find a position somewhat strange handling, wide seat, low, comfortable, high handlebars and slightly forward that forces you to lean a little while footrests remain almost parallel with the front seat. The engine comes to life and lets you hear its deep voice through two exhaust located on the right side, you convey a sense of power and makes you feel invincible. The Diavel has three selectable modes of power from the handlebar, Urban, Touring and Sport, the first limited to 100 hp with the intervention of security systems at maximum level while the other two have 162 hp but with a delivery modified and traction control and ABS. Residual vibrations disappear, when the engine delivers power linearly from 3000 revolutions per minute, first tried the Urban mode, where there is plenty of power to move very fast in the city, of course, depending on traffic, and rules of traffic. It is remarkable smoothness of the hydraulic clutch, and the response of the gearbox and throttle- ride that responds to any movement of the right hand. Despite the displacement and the two side escapes, the Diavel is not noisy but the depth of sound is able to set off alarms of all vehicles in the neighborhood, especially in enclosed parking. The first curves become somewhat difficult by the width of the rear wheel, but after a few attempts it becomes natural and very funny because the Diavel achieves astonishing inclinations safely. I dare say that of all the motorcycles we tested, the Diavel is the most visual appeal, it is impossible to go unnoticed because the aesthetic breakthrough is able to attract attention of both young and adults, children or the elderly of any kind, a perfect bike to expand the social circle of those who ride. In another scenario in search of higher feelings, we change the drive mode to Sport and we enter highway to leave the city. The power delivery is impressive, really feels, unlike other bikes where the mapping is very similar in all modes. The rear tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso II measuring 240, is firmly grips the asphalt catapults forward fortunately the seat has been designed to stay integrated into the bike, otherwise would stay sitting on the floor to make a strong acceleration. The maximum speed is well above any legal limit is about 200 km / h in fourth gear away from the engine and have demanded much more to give. In winding road crosses the bike with ease and aplomb, has a good angle of rotation and can be tilted up to the limit set by the footrests, suspensions behave properly even in areas with bumps and irregularities are much transmitted to the occupants. The brakes are perfect, forward good touch and excellent mordant while the rear is limited to support the first, the ABS system does not feel unless you make an emergency braking at high speed or you stop on a zebra crossing.We needed to try the Touring mode, so we changed to prevent high fuel consumption in Sport mode. Again the delivery Diavel 162 hp but more gradually, being still plenty of power available by simply opening the throttle. The motor rotates merrily about 7000 rpm, away from power outage but enough to deliver nearly 80% of the maximum power, allowing maintain speeds of a sport with the comfort of a cruiser.The Ducati Diavel is a bike of those that has both supporters and haters, but with a simple test drive, the evil spirit that embodies it is able to make you change your subjective opinion and you fall in love with her. A bike that although it has a specific segment, adapts to different groups where for aesthetics and performance is going very well.
  • 1986 Yamaha Radian - Clutch, Click, Braap! From zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in three point something seconds. Click, click, click, as we go head to head with what looks like a 2016 BMW Alpina on my peripherals. All you can hear is my heart rate pumping and the roar of the one hundred horse power, v8, all-wheel drive, $150k luxury beast. Who wins the race? Does it really matter? I decelerate my 1986 Yamaha Radian café racer conversion after having gone a little over the speed limit. This happens here and there when a fine dealership tuned, high performance car goes to my right to try to cut me off once the light changes to green. Our 1986 Yamaha Radian (Rachel) came to me by accident. I was initially looking for an older bike for a café conversion. My budget for this project was less than a grand. Ideally, in my mind, I would end up with some type of two cylinder Honda that I could easily get naked. Looking through Kijiji, I found the perfect Honda CB550, and the bike was located in Burlington, Ontario (just over an hour from Toronto). When I got there, the imbecile seller from Kijiji had already sold the bike to someone else. After having driven over 100kms with a V8 Land Rover whilst hauling a trailer, I decided I just had to come back with a bike. Looking through Kijiji once again, because we all know how serious some fellows can be on that website, I found what looked like a well maintained Yamaha for $2200. When I got there, I was in a hissy mood to say the least, having lost what I thought at the time was the perfect bike. “I’ll give you $600 Cash, right now,” I exclaimed to the nice fellow, as his wife walked out of the house. “How much is he offering?” Shouted the wife as she approached us. “Six hundred dollars,” replied the seller as I took out the money in twenties so that it would look like it was more than what it seemed. By then, the seller’s wife had come right beside him, who was trying to reason with me as to why the bike was worth more than my offering. “Six hundred dollars is all I can offer you” I told him once more. Before he could open his mouth to continue to reason with me, his wife elbowed him (hint - he better take it or else!). Needless to say, we loaded the bike onto the trailer, and his wife and I had the biggest smile on our faces, which unfortunately is not what I can say about the nice guy to whom I had just given twenty twenties in cash. The Yamaha Radian was in immaculate condition, and all she needed to get going was new boots and some gas in the tank. She is a parallel, 4-cylinder, forward inclined 600 cc, air-cooled 4-stroke, gasoline two-wheeled beauty that spits out just over 60 horses. I took it for a rip around the neighborhood and that’s when I fell in love with Rachel! She takes off the line at ridiculous speeds, even for a new bike of the same size. On the track - Clutch, Click, Braap! - as we fly through the six speed transmission. Clutch, Click, Braap - redlining every gear at 10k RPM 56 Km/hr. Clutch, Click, Braap - 94 km/hr. Clutch, Click, Braap - 117km/hr. Clutch, Click, Braap - 202km/hr. By the sixth gear, I believed I needed a new set of panties. Fortunately, this is not a track bike, but more of a street warrior. The Yamaha Radian is small enough that it can fit in tight spots and has a really decent turning radius. Taking off the line and passing or overtaking on the highway is a breeze. While cruising on the highway on sixth gear at 100km/hr, give it a bit more throttle and the Yamaha Radian is still peppy as hell. The clubman handlebars give it that badass café racer look, although they were giving us some issues (there was air going into the break master cylinder and the front breaks were not working). We changed the cylinder for a larger one, and the reservoir now sits at a 90-degree angle. This make our twin front disk brake extremely responsive. We have also taken off the filter box and changed it for cones. I know several people complain that the performance on the bike suffers, but we have not encountered this – it could be because of our modified carb. We love our Yamaha Radian and would recommend this bike to anyone looking around for the perfect café racer prospect bike. Let us know what you think! Comment below!


Clutch, Click, Braap 


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