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How To Build a Custom Scrambler

Choosing the perfect motorcycle 

If you have pretty much any motorcycle, with some reverse engineering, you can easily turn her into an amazing scrambler. Obviously, one will have a better time turning something like a Honda CB or a CD175 in a scrambler as opposed to a Goldwing. Older BMW Airhead make nice contenders too.   Either way, you will have to start getting either one of those bikes naked, to get that mean scrambler look. 

Filter Cones






  • U frame with lights

  • Exhaust

  • Gas Tank

  • Wheels

  • Headlamp

  • LED Flasher Signal

  • Seat

  • Chain

  • After Market Carb

  • Speedometer

  • Skid Plate

  • Battery (Lithium)

  • Rear Shocks

  • Front and Back Fender

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