Honda Jazz Metropolitan Scooter

honda jazz chf50 Scooter Review

Honda Jazz  Metropolitan CHF50



The best way to describe my experience of this awesome 49cc limited speed is pure fun! Well, you see riding around town in this underpowered two-wheeled machine is like sleeping around with a fat girl… it’s tons of fun; until your friends find out.



These bikes are very attractive to those city dwellers that want the freedom of mobility, without the headaches of having to take public transit. Also, those the perfect ride for those youngsters that want to start building that motorcycle insurance history. The Honda Jazz has enough power to keep up with your regular rush hour traffic. Since the HTA considers this little scooter a motorcycle you enjoy several of the benefits that come with a bike such as free parking in the city of Toronto, HOV lane usage and cheaper licence plate registration. Unlike those pesky e-bikes, you are fully insured, and you’re able to travel unlimited distance… until your wallet goes dry! In fact, there is a guy going across Canada on a Honda Rokus which has the same engine and power as the Jazz.



The bike is quite underpowered especially when going uphill and on streets that may hit 80km/hr. The maximum that we were able to make the bike go was 90km/hr on a large hill.  





What we loved about the 2009 Honda Jazz was the fact that it came with under the seat storage and a box in the back where you could easily fit your school bag.



The bike is the solution to those who want a cheap mode of transportation and do not want to take transit. The fact that this bike is gas powered is a huge benefit over those annoying e-bikes. However, if you are serious about getting into biking you may want to consider something bigger such as a crb125 or even a Ninja 250 which may be slightly less insurance friendly but will get you on the highways and expressways. 


Clutch, Click, Braap 


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