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Woodstock Moto

We started out in 2014 as The Woodstock Man Cave, offering bike storage and workshop space. Re-launched as Woodstock Moto Co., we now stock a limited range of parts and gear, serve excellent coffee and hawt dawgs, and host regular events.

Some of Cape Town's finest share our space: Greasers Garage, Wolf Moto, The Valley, The Deathrettes and Stream Straws.


We welcome people from across the motorcycling spectrum—from the bikeless novice to the seasoned mechanic-slash-wizard. We encourage people to start working on their own bikes, and promote skill-sharing between members.


We host regular events including bike film nights, flat track days and our annual Garage Built Show—all in the name of fun and uniting Cape Town's moto-community.


We'd love for you to get involved, so get in touch or pay us a visit.


The WMC is a place to learn, share, work and enjoy.

7 Barron Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa


Skidmark Garage

In the 90s, when I was living in Los Angeles, I drove an oft broken VW van. After many visits to a great mechanic, he started lending me tools so I could fix things myself (he knew I was broke and felt badly about constantly taking my money). This led to me asking him if I could come in to use his lift on a Sunday - to which he only laughed.

This got me thinking that a garage with a bunch of lifts for rent would probably benefit a few million people in that city, seeing that 80% of them lived in apartments without garages - and no garage typically means no tools. I shared the idea with a few others, and while everyone thought it was cool, none of us had the means to start it up. So I sat on the idea...for 20 years.

I never forgot about the dream of the community garage, and quickly realized that it's a much better fit for motorcycles. Soon, I started buying tools at garage sales and throwing them into a box. I knew that someday, my dream would no longer be just a dream.

Skidmark Garage finally became a reality in January of 2015. I opened my doors to the public in March and had a killer grand opening party in May. People have come from many miles away with their bikes to use Skidmark's tools, space, and community of knowledge/help to fix their rides. It's not just guys, and it's not just guys living in apartments without garages. It's riders. Skidmark appeals to a wide range of riders: guy, girl, newbie, vet, rich, poor, sober, boozer, smoker, tinkerer, inventor, 20 something, 60 something, black, white. Skidmark has become what I always knew it would - a no-collar community that thrives on helping each other out, getting dirty, jamming tunes, and riding.

I encourage you to stop in. You'll be sold before you've walked ten feet into Skidmark. We're open as late as you need (I prefer to start my work in the evening and work through the night, personally). This place does not attract douchebags, so you don't need to worry about being judged for your lack of experience, lack of knowledge, or your ride.

Everyone needs three places - home and work being the first two. Make Skidmark Garage your third place. Fixing, learning, and helping rounds a man out. Be a well rounded man.

Wrench. Relax. Repeat.
5401 Hamilton Ave Cleveland, OH 44114 USA440-591-4822

Moto Republic

Established as a community hub for motorcycle enthusiasts, Moto Republic is designed to be a complete, all-inclusive moto nirvana! A truly Kick Ass Community Motorcycle Garage, with access to professional facilities, information, unbiased advice and service with integrity.

Our professionally equipped workstations are designed to tackle everything from basic maintenance to complete custom builds.  DIY Motorcycle workstations are available for rent by the hour, day pass, or monthly DIY Memberships. 

Beginners and experienced alike can sign up for weekend/evening motorcycle service workshops designed to build confidence and develop the skills of any do-it-yourselfer.

Moto Republic offers the convenience of an in-house parts and accessories department. This means less time scrounging for parts, more time riding.


Need some additional help?

Planning a service task or modification that’s a little outside your experience or comfort zone? We got your back.

Private Wrench


One-On-One instruction tailored to your needs and goals.

Tackle any maintenance or customization task on your own

motorcycle, under the direct supervision of a professional

mechanic hand picked for your particular project. Adjust

those valves, clean that carburetor, and replace that clutch!



If you have a can-do attitude but know you’ll need a fair

amount of help/advice to achieve your goals, we also offer a

“lighter” version of assistance as an affordable add-on on to

your DIY workstation rental. With it, you’ll get additional

supervision & guidance to help you stay on track, work smart

and arise triumphantly in the end! We want you set up for






Moto Republic


(323) 999-7828

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