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BMW R Nine T

In 2013 BMW turned 90 years of history in the manufacturing of motorcycles, to celebrate, the brand decided not to make a special version of one of its existing models, but an entirely new bike! The new motorcycle was created to convey the essence of motorcycling in the past, with all the technology and the benefits of a modern bike.

The R Nine T was introduced as one of the most beautiful in the current market, made in tribute to 90-year history of the Bavarian brand.




BMW has been one of the few brands able to produce different bikes that do not follow standards set by the market but dares strange and unusual ways that end up becoming a reference as with their bikes traits of asymmetrical look. The R Nine T perfectly conveys the essence of motorcycling as BMW, making classic rounded shapes in a minimalist and modern design where there are no similarities with other bikes on the market. It is elemental motorcycling, a chassis, tank and two wheels, the essential but adequately designed to achieve a bike worthy of being in an art gallery.

The starting model was undoubtedly the R1200R from which it inherits the engine, driveshaft and brakes. Everything else is new, starting with the tubular chassis for mounting the front fork, seat, tank, lighthouse, forged triple clamps, double side exhaust and spoked wheels. The R Nine T looks forward and lightly muscled back, the boxer engine stands on both sides without any protection, and the seat can convert a single-seater removing part of the subframe and integrating a breadstick available as an accessory. The BMW R Nine T is a neoclassical design for those seeking more benefits or modern lines, a bike with a personality, capable of generating high emotions.

The propeller R1200X R Nine T is the Boxer 1170 cc air-cooled oil, proven reliability that produces 110 hp at 7750 rpm. Nine T in raw acceleration on the top speed, so the relationship has been modified compared to the R1200R, leaving identical to R1200GS.


On the Move


The BMW R1200X Nine T is a bike that should be in an exhibition room as a decorative element. Not because it is not capable of conveying great feelings, however, because although the German brand has accustomed us to very powerful, metered and safe bikes, the Nine T is different. Mounts the same engine but does not carry the R1200R traction control, power maps, stability control or any other technology helps to limit benefits or facilitates driving in addition to the standard ABS. Therefore, the 110 hp two-cylinder is ready to leave when opening the throttle, ready to take orders from its pilot. Start giving feels the opposite movement of the cylinders and the characteristic purr boxer engine with two side exhaust is accentuated sounds. The operation of the box in the R Nine T, the usual "click" sound virtually the first speed when operating highlights.


The acceleration is brutal, and shifting gears felt through the movement in the rear axle, which makes it clear that we are on a motorcycle that likes to play seriously. The driving position inspired by the bikes of the decades of the 60s and 70s style Cafe Racer, is comfortable, not for extended trips or days duets so that bending of the legs and tilting the torso forward, that accuse high fatigue after long hours, for the use of the R Nine T is correct. The brake system comprised of two discs 320 mm forward and one back 265mm, safely stop assembly supported Motorrad ABS. They are metered, right touch and excellent mordant.

The BMW R1200X Nine T is pure motorcycling, a powerful engine in a lightweight package, which ensures the best emotions on board for anyone who enjoys being in control.

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