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Five Necessities When Buying a Motorcycle


So you’ve decided to buy a motorcycle. That’s a fantastic thing, but you should be going in with full awareness of what comes with riding a bike. Unlike buying a car, a motorcycle requires that you have a host of accessories before you can go out on the road. To put it simply, you can drive a car in a t-shirt and shorts, but you cannot ride a bike in those clothes.


To help make sure that you’re ready for the road, we’ve compiled a list of five things to get at a motorcycle parts store before getting your ride.



More so than anything else, your helmet is your life. Without this piece of equipment on your head, any collision could wind up being much more severe than it has to be. You can find a quality helmet at most motorcycle parts stores, but you will want a full-face or modular model, such as these,  so that you get full protection.



Motorcycle jackets are not just meant to look cool. They also serve a purpose, which is to keep your body intact if you ever do spin out or take a dive onto the pavement. A t-shirt will not keep your skin from scraping, but a thick padded jacket will. Motorcycle Jackets are easy to find and purchase, but as a novice rider it is always best to go with trusted brands that offer a variety of styles, such as AlpineStars.



If you plan on riding in any kind of weather, then you will need a set of high-quality gloves. These will not only keep your hands warm, but they will help you maintain control of your brakes and your clutch. You may be able to find these at a motorcycle parts store.



Your tires are not the only thing that will be touching the ground while you ride. A decent set of motorcycle boots is necessary to ensure that you can brake properly, and that you can walk your bike when parking. Make sure that the boots cover your ankles unless you want them to get sore and bruised.



Wearing regular jeans is not going to cut it out on the road. In the same way that a jacket will keep your skin intact, a set of biker pants will keep your legs from being injured. The best pants will have padding and thick material to keep your body relatively safe in a collision.

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