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1994-2001 Triumph Trophy 1200

Triumph Trophy 1200 Wallpaper

Triumph Trophy 1200 (1994-2001), model as tested was 1996 with 23k km. Full disclosure, we had the bike for testing over a period of two weeks, which is not particularly a long time.  Through the course of those two weeks, we were able to test the bike in commuting city traffic as well as late night highway runs. The first impression for this Triumph Motorcycle is that it assembles an oversized scooter, with the way the windshield goes up into the air and all the fairing around it. But the second you get on it the weight of the bike reminds you of the fact that this is no scooter. This bike would be best for the seasoned riders, as it is top heavy and pleasantly powerful. The bike’s powerhouse is a massive four-cylinder, 1180cc, that produces 108 ponies @9000rpm and 104 pounds of torque.

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