Our aim is to have the smallest environmental footprint possible. By not having a shop, we are able to keep tons of waste away from our landfills, and save resources. We also dispose of all chemicals and parts (such as oil, batteries, tires, etc.) responsibly, and recycle as much as we can. This helps keep our Don River clean and make our city a better and cleaner place to live. 


OTOMOTO Toronto Moto currently maintains twelve hives in the City of Toronto. Our aim is to double the count of hives by 2020. Every time you book with us, 100% of the booking fee goes towards our apiary. We use this to maintain, feed, buy equipment and expand our apiary. This is great news for the environment! 

“Honeybees are important pollinators of agricultural food crops and vital to our food supply. In Canada, it is estimated that the value of honey bees to agriculture is $1.3 billion. All pollinators including honey bees, in particular, have suffered serious losses that are unsustainable. We need your help to save our pollinators.”

- Canadian Honey Council

May 28, 2019

Bees Apiary

June 1, 2018


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