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This AGREEMENT made this _____ day of _______________202___, between


OTOMOTO of 7 Copland Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3E7


The renter of the beehive, hereinafter known as the RENTER, and



                                  (NAME)                                         (Street & No. R.R, P.O. Box No., or Lot. Con. & Township)



(City, Town or Village)                                                  (Province)                                                              (Postal Code)

the beekeeper who will furnish bees for pollination services, hereinafter known as the BEEKEEPER, WITNESS THAT:

A). THE RENTER hereby agrees to the following stipulations:

1). The renter shall pay the sum of $45 per colony per month amounting to a sum total of $540 plus applicable taxes for pollination services for twelve consecutive months according to the following:

2) The Renter shall notify the Beekeeper at least 48   hours in advance of when he/she estimates the bees are to be moved;

3). Payments are to be made automatically through our website subscription to the BEEKEEPER at the rate of $45/ month;

3) If any pesticide is to be applied by ground or aerial equipment to any crop, plant, weed or other agricultural product within 3 km of the location of the bees, the RENTER or his/her agent will notify the BEEKEEPER

at least 72 hours in advance of the pesticide application. The method of notification will be by calling KEEPER

 via Email. 

4). The RENTER agrees to compensate the BEEKEEPER in the amount of $950 for each hive damaged by being knocked over by machinery, vehicles, and/or livestock.

5). The RENTER shall grant the BEEKEEPER uninstructed access to the hives.

6). The RENTER shall be responsible for bee stings while the beehive is at their property.


B). The BEEKEEPER hereby agrees to the following stipulations:

2). The BEEKEEPER shall place the colonies in the locations in the Location as determined by the RENTER.

3). Having due respect for the property of the RENTER, the BEEKEEPER shall properly maintain and care for the said bees providing all necessary beekeeping equipment, transportation, and labour to maintain said bees providing all necessary beekeeping equipment, transportation, and labour to maintain said bees in proper pollinating condition.

4). He/she hereby certifies that each colony is queen-right.

7). All colonies placed by the BEEKEEPER shall meet a minimum strength requirement.

9). Upon being notified as set forth in Paragraph 3, Section A above of the imminent application of a pesticide within 3 km(s) of the location of said bees, the BEEKEEPER shall immediately take action to move, or protect, his/her bees so the pesticide may be applied. Should the BEEKEEPER elect to leave said bees on location without proper notice, he/she shall hold the RENTER blameless for any injury which may occur to the bees and/or the hives due to the pesticide application.

10). The BEEKEEPER shall move said bees off location within 7 business days from the termination of this Agreement.

11). The RENTER shall receive 8 kilograms of honey.

12). The renter shall receive QR code to access a website with updates about the rented beehive. This information including photographs can be used by the RENTER for non-commercial purposes.



C). Hive overwintering may be done onsite or at the BEEKEEPER’s overwintering location at BEEPERS’ discretion.

D). Title to the said colonies of bees and beekeeping equipment shall at all times remain in and vested in the BEEKEEPER.

F) Should any controversy arise hereunder, between the parties hereto, such controversy shall be settled by arbitration. Each party within 5 days shall appoint one arbitrator and the two so named shall select a third, and the decision of any two such arbitrators shall be binding upon the parties hereto. The cost of such arbitration shall be divided equally between the parties.

G) RENTER  agrees to OTOMOTO's media release contract for utilizing any photos or videos.

_______________________________________________                _______________________________________________                     

 (Witness)                                                                                            (Beekeeper)



______________________________________________ ­                 _______________________________________________                      

(Address)                                                                                                        (Address)



______________________________________________                   _______________________________________________                      

(Notary Public or Witness)                                                                          (Renter)



______________________________________________                  _______________________________________________                     

(Address)                                                                                                         (Address)

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