Spring Tune-Up Special

- Change oil (up to 3qrts)
- Replace oil filter (K&N or HiFLoFiltro)
- Replace or service air filter (some models may require filter upgrade fee)
- Clean points (if applicable)- Set idle mixture (if applicable)
- Set idle speed
- Lubricate all cables
- Adjust clutch
- Adjust throttle cables. Make sure throttle snaps back closed
-Adjust brakes (if applicable)
- Lube drive chain (if applicable)
- Adjust primary drive (if applicable)
- Lubricate and adjust drive chain/belt (if applicable)
- Change shaft drive oil (if applicable)
- Set tire pressures
-Inspect all lighting and safety equipment
-Check lighting. Replace burned out bulbs as needed (extra cost for difficult to remove bulbs)
- Check brake pads
- Check tire condition
- Check kickstand safety and starter safety switches
- Check front forks/fork seals- Road test
Valid for Toronto Only


Clutch, Click, Braap 


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