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Jims Vacuum Fed Fork Filling Tool - 740

Jims Vacuum Fed Fork Filling Tool - 740

SKU: 209990
Excluding GST/HST
  • This patent pending tool will eliminate the need to remove the fairing on all touring bikes to change the fork oil
  • With this tool it should take about 30 minutes to perform the service compared to 2.2 hours
  • This tool is designed to be used in conjunction with a Mityvac tool, which is available separately
  • Use on all common damper tube type fork assemblies
  • To drain the fluid, simply insert the tapered fitting into the drain hole and create a vacuum using a standard Mityvan hand pump
  • Once you reach approximately 23 lbs. of vacuum pressure, rotate the valve and instantly the vacuum will draw the pre-measured amount of fork fluid into the fork tube
  • NOTE: Not for use on motorcycles using cartridge type forks or inverted fork assemblies
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