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Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool - CAB-SBCT-13

Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool - CAB-SBCT-13

SKU: 297366
Excluding GST/HST

Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool is manufactured from one (1) single anodized aluminum piece increasing the durability and resistance of the tool itself.

The Stud Cleaning tool fits brushes 12mm - 7/16", 13mm - 1/2" 14mm 9/16" & 16mm - 5/8".

There are three (3) set screws on each tool that should be tightened once the brush insert is pushed flush inside the metal tool. Insert brush with printed side out. By tightening the set screws, this centers the insert brush in the tool housing. Do not allow the brush to go all the way up inside the tool, it must remain flush with the edge of the tool. By installing the brush in this manner, the holes on the back of the tool head will allow debris to escape from the brush instead of collecting inside the tool.

An adapter is supplied together with each tool, allowing for use with a cordless drill. Comes with 13mm brush.

Note: The Stud Cleaning Tool works best at slow speeds without forcing tool to bottom of stud, once at bottom of stud stop reverse and spin off at slow speeds as well.

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