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Biltwell Passenger Clevis Chrome - 0107-1664-05

Biltwell Passenger Clevis Chrome - 0107-1664-05

SKU: 814522
Excluding GST/HST

Investment-cast chromoly steel with tumbled finish. These clevises will allow you to mount any Biltwell foot pegs on the passenger mounts of 2018 and later M8 H-D Softails.



  • Constructed of investment-cast 4130 chromoly steel for strength
  • Feature a threaded interface to make adjusting the angle of foot pegs easy
  • Conical surface creates a tension fit inside the foot peg when the 5/16-18 Allen cap screw is tightened inside the clevis, which holds the peg in place
  • The clevises fasten to the 2-pronged mount with the stock pivot pin assembly, or you can use 3/8-inch bolts and nuts to secure the complete peg assembly to your machine
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