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Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid

Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid

SKU: 84905
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Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid is specifically designed for the transfer case of all Sportster® model motorcycles that have wet clutches sharing the same sump as the transmission gears. It delivers all-weather clutch performance while providing maximum wear protection for the transmission gears and primary drive chain.

Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid is specifically formulated to smooth notchy shifting and improve clutch performance in Sportster® motorcycles. Special viscosity modifiers resist the shearing action of the transmission gears while also improving low temperature properties to maintain easy shifting at any temperature. Premium base oils provide seal conditioning to prevent fluid leaks. Bel-Ray's exclusive anti-wear chemistry fights gear wear and pitting for extended transmission service life. Its distinct red color makes leaks easy to identify in multiple lubrication cavity engines. Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid meets or exceeds Sportster® requirements and WILL NOT void warrantees.


  • For use in transmissions on Harley-Davidson® FL, FLT, FX and FXR model motorcycles including those with aftermarket clutch kits

Features and Benefits:

  • Improved shifting performance - Provides smooth, positive clutch hook-up and seamless gear shifting in all service from around-town cruising to aggressive drag race launches.
  • Superior drive train protection - Exclusive Bel-Ray anti-wear chemistry protects against gear wear and pitting to extend the transmission service life.
  • All temperature reliability - High Viscosity Index formulation with outstanding shear stability provides dependable performance from sub-freezing to tropical conditions.
  • Distinct color - Red coloration makes it easily distinguishable from motor oil, simplifying service.
  • Helps prevent leaks - Formulated for outstanding seal compatibility to keep gaskets and seals pliable and leak-free.
  • Superior deposit control Special low-ash formula to extend clutch life while preventing deposits for reduced drive train operating temperature.
  • Product No. 96925, SAE Gear Oil Grade 85W, Sportster® is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson® Motor Company, Inc.
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