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Mar 2, 2017

Hello and Welcome

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Edited: Apr 5

Sergio Otoya is a general partner and a long-time motorcycle enthusiast. The idea to build a Mobile motorcycle service and community hub is a brainchild of his. He is the mastermind, architect and eponym behind the OtoMoto concept. Sergio brings a breadth of motorcycle repair knowledge, insight into and connection to the rider community, and deep commitment to the project. Welcome to the community, cant wait to meet you all. At least that's what I've been told.

I think this community bike shop concept is a great idea. I reminds me of when we'd build in someone's space and it took at least four guys to collect enough tools and know how to get the job done. Our motto was (and is) two half-wits make a whole wit. As you can guess, I've been building and riding motorcycles for a while now and have a small restore and custom shop up in the Owen Sound area.

Motorcycling has always been about community and it just makes sense to bring this into a modern setting. Thanks to you Sergio for carrying on a great tradition in modern times. A very gutsy move in these uncertain times! I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can ride down and check out the place. See you all then. Stay safe.



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